IE Footer Finally Fixed!

After digging out my old Sony Vaio sinking under dust bunnies, and many freaking hours of trial and error with the footer, I finally fixed the freaking footer for the foul Internet Explorer. I re-coded the whole layout twice thinking that it’s a float error, only to find out that it was a measly padding problem that plagued my precious footer. (Alliteration, much?)

Seriously, Microsoft, it’s impossible for a Mac user to code for Internet Explorer since you stopped producing IE for the Mac. Yes, I know there is a nifty tool called IE NetRenderer, which job is to enable Mac users to view screenshots of their sites rendered through Windows IE. But honestly, a screenshot is no match for the real page. I can’t freaking see how the footer ends even on a page with no content.

If you think by halting IE production for the Mac, you will lure Mac web designers into using RAM-eating Windows Vista, you are dead wrong, my friend. In the end, we will get fed up enough to stop coding for IE altogether and your troublesome browser will lose all of what little the browser market share you have left.

In case you haven’t noticed, the number of IE users in the past few years have been exponentially decreasing. 99% of my visitors in my old sites have been surfed and served via IE. Now 4 years later, it’s dropped to a mere 29%. Hmm, I wonder why? Oh yeah! IE-less Mac users have increased exponentially; Firefox, Opera and Safari can read code more efficiently and compliantly. So, if you want to stay in the game, please, please, bring back IE to the Mac, and improve on its code rendering.

Do you, designers, find cross-browser coding a pain too?

Special thanks to Iva, for pointing out the footer problem on IE.


  • Thanks for shedding light on this issue, seriously I hated to make my wordpress themes being crossbrowserly compatible. But most browsers like Firefox, Opera and Safari render pages veyr similar to each other, they intepret css and html codes almost the same way… except for Internet Explorer. There are so many famous bug fixes for all the rendering problem in Internet Explorer, even for the latest version (can you imagine not having a bug fixed for the latest Vista version? what a big shame).

    As far as I know, here are some of the major bugs:
    1. PNG transparency and gamut inaccuracy problem – IE doesn’t support PNG transparency (I’m not sure whether v7.0 does though) and what makes things worse is that it display the colours different than all other browsers.

    2. Float problem – all other browsers will display a shorter than expected background when no clear:both property is added before closing the html tag. IE doesn’t, making many pages look VERY faulty in other browsers.

    3. Double margin bug. I’m not sure the actual problem (just heard of it, but never got it before). Other browsers will display the correct margin, except IE.

    4. Scrollbar problem – by default IE adds a vertical scrollbar to all pages regardless whether their actual height exceeds the screen resolution or not. Very annoying. And not to forget the weird rendering of vertical scrollbars in elements. For example, when you have a very long single-lined javascript you want to post in your blog, you usually wanted to contain it in the >code< tag and set its css property to overflow: auto. Other browsers incorporate the scrollbars outside the >code< tag so it does not interfere with the content of the tag, but IE renders in INSIDE, thus adding a very unnecessary vertical scrollbar.

    I think I’m bad at describing! If I find any typical examples online I’ll followup with another comment, okay? I’m sorry!

  • My boyfriend makes sites and I know very well what problems there are with IE… I had to listen to his curses šŸ™‚ By the way, he has linux and he had to ask other people with windows for screenshots from IE, or later, when I get a new notebook (whit that stupid windows, i hope vista will fail soon), he worked on my notebook too. Personally I do not use IE much. Only if I want to see a video from one site, because it work only on IE and those stupid people things that they have only visitors from IE…

  • UGH! I hate IE! I quit cross-browser coding a long time ago simply because it is way too much of a hassle. I only use Firefox and I really do forget that IE exists. LOL! Only reason I checked my site against it was because of your post.

  • Yep, IE SUCKS! I HATE cross-browser coding because I’d code for FF, and then when I check it in IE, it’s all crazy! Stupid IE! Even worse is that IE 6 and IE 7 are different, so it gets a little more crazier! =(

    Oh woah, I didn’t realize that Macs don’t have IE, though…

  • I’m a Mac user too. I have bootcamp installed on my mac so I can view things via Internet Explorer, but that’s the ONLY thing I use it for. Maybe in the next four years it will be completely nonexistent, eh?

  • Quite frankly, I don’t give a damn about cross-browser compatibility. I just design for Firefox and that’s it.

  • Instead of bootcamp why dont you all just use virtualbox ? If you have this problem…. If i were you I’d personally not give a fart for IE compatibility