Nanyate: Springley Edition (Final)

After many hours of toilsome head, knuckle and shoulder-cracking coding, Nanyate: Springley Edition is finally (almost) complete. You will notice that certain categories have been replaced by tags, and the perpetually “under construction” anime review section…deleted. That’s because anime reviews will now be combined with my blog, since I just can’t seem to get to them when they’re on a page. A page. A PAGE! A wordpress page is apparently just too much for my mind to handle.

Anyway, Springley was named for a practical design purpose: to ensure that the header would be balanced between the water lily. The palette inspiration came from a must-have for all designers, Pattern + Palette 2 (which my boyfriend got me for V-day). The actual ‘spark’ of an inspiration came from the anime series ARIA the ANIMATION, where life on Mars is portrayed as paradise on Earth, where everyone is kind, everyplace is beautiful, and everything bad is… never reflected. The world that is portrayed is so unreal, so perfect that I couldn’t help but be sucked in, and eagerly wait for my daily 20 minutes of paradise through YouTube. I know there are not many anime fans amongst my visitors, so I decided to bring their fantasy via Nanyate, the only way I know how – pastel colors, rudimentary code and crappy drawings worthy of an F in art class.

I hope you enjoy your fantasy through Springley, as I enjoy mine through ARIA.

  • k

    i like i like!! so bright and cheery!
    i love spring!! ^^

  • Hehe, it looks nice! =) I love the drawings! =)

  • Hey Ivy, congratulations for finalising this theme 🙂 it seriously looks AWESOME, the colour palette is well-chosen! And this is the ONLY wordpress theme I’ve ever seen forging the sidebar completely (your previous horizontal scroll template also omits the so called sidebar)… cool 🙂 I like how the footer section will bring readers to other parts of your blog, it acts like a sidebar as well, amazing.

    Anywya I’m using Firefox, and I’ve noticed a little CSS bug at your Links page. After looking at the source, I think there’s just a little fix you need to do. For the page, you have two <div>, one floated to the left (linkleft) and to the right (linkright). However, the white background doesn’t seem to extend towards the footer.

    A fix will be inserting <br class=”clear”> and insert the following into your stylesheet:

    .clear {
    clear: both;
    height: 0.1px;
    margin: 0px;
    padding: 0px;

    Just my 2 cents though 🙂

  • Niiiiiiiiiiiice… and the footer is cute! 🙂

  • it looks great!!

    i really like the old lay-out you had on here before and thought that nothing could top it — but this one certainly has!! i like the lighter, airier colors — everything is just so clean and cute!!!

    and i agree with michael — the footer looks fantastic!!

  • I love the colors and illustrations 😀

  • This is a gorgeous design! I love the colors and I like what you did with the footer. Very nice job!

  • Yes, it’s definitely an F.

  • Id

    F or not, it’s still another layout I’ll access several times a day just to salivate in front of my monitor. Haha!
    Beautiful job, Ivy. Really. The colours are pleasing to the eye, and it definitely accentuates the elements of springtime!

  • I like, I like… Especially the way you edited the header

  • Lovely layout! Nice colours! XD

  • Iva

    It looks great, the only thing that confuses me is an extra brown line at the bottom.

    I admire your ability to change themes this often and always have them look perfect!

  • ooh lovely! now i want it to be spring! it’s definitely my favorite time of the year!