New Theme For Spring (Alpha)!

I just made a new theme for the coming spring. The inspiration came from a pattern book and the soundtrack of ARIA the ANIMATION. Most of the CSS kinks have been evened out. However, I’m gonna have to think about a more suitable a sub-page navigation for a width=900px layout with two-tier child pages. This is my very first theme with no sidebar. So please bear with me for now.

I will edit this post when Nanyate?! goes on Beta mode.

  • Id


  • k

    nice!!! πŸ˜€

  • OMG this is new theme is drop-dead gorgeous! I especially love the footer section of the page. Very lovely background, and the colour choice is perfect. It’s springtime πŸ™‚ woots!

  • Bel

    Hiya Ivy, so nice theme you have!

    btw, thanks for visit my site~

  • I like, I like… Nice and clean, with the perfect shade of blue.

  • kiiro

    me like πŸ˜€
    love the lotus

  • i love the new theme! i’m especially loving the colors!

  • I love the new theme!! Hehe, and most of my layouts always have sidebars also. =P

    Hehe about your layout being 900px. Some people complain to me when I do layouts that wide because some people still use 800×600 monitors…

  • u spew out layouts so quickly O_O

  • AWW i just noticed the footer..ADORABLENESS