New Theme (Still in Beta)

Welcome to Nanyate Edition: Bling. Nanyate’s first official theme. Seeing that I’m usually too busy to update, this theme may last for a while. The illustration is based on a real necklace that my boyfriend got me only because I had puppy eyes and was pawing at it at the store. (No, I don’t make a habit out of this; in fact, I felt really bad.)

There are still a few bugs with the footer and side bar. The content needs a little work too. But I’m too tired now from illustrating and coding, both of which I lack talent and skills for. I’ve been at it for 10 hours straight. Please let me know of any bugs or things that you don’t like, so I can exterminate them together. It’ll be a great help!

For now, I need my beauty sleep. I’m gonna meet my boyfriend for lunch at Korean Town later today. Ah , I want my bulgogi, kimchi, lee hyori and dak kalbi.

PS: Check out Nanyate radio when you’re free. I highly recommend both Bartender songs. They’re so soothing. Both the soundtrack and the anime are amazing. I’ll write a proper review soon. And I’m sorry for the lackluster sound quality. I downgraded the quality to discourage download. I upload all my songs for promotional purposes only.

  • i actually checked out the Bartender tracks as you recommended. i must say, i really enjoyed them quite a lot.
    but hey~ good luck on this new site! ^^

  • Quite honestly, I liked the previous theme much better. I guess I just don’t like the color green.

  • Good luck with tweeking the site. Its looking good so far. Hope you have a blessed New Year.

  • Whee, I love how your site looks. Sleek as always. (:

    And speaking of gifts. I have to admit that I do have a habit of gushing over certain items in stores so as to reverse-psycho my mother to get it for me. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Uh oops. Did I just let that slip out?

  • The header isn’t as exciting as the old one, but the layout is cool.

  • Awww… don’t feel too bad about it, you can make a habit our of it because your bf loves you SOOO much! teehee.

    The theme looks great. The sidebar works fine to me. The footer bar has a teeny space on the right & bottom.

  • Funny how lunch worked out. At least you got a “Pan”…

  • Lee Hyori is hot hot hot. ๐Ÿ˜€

    This layout is nifty. Good job!

  • Ivy

    I think there’s a misunderstanding here. The previous theme was a FREE theme. It was co-designed by three people, one of which is a well-known illustrator. There’s no way I could top his header. The coding and the navigation of the last theme, on the other hand, was lacking so there was no way I would keep a theme like that.

    Besides I like designing my own themes. That’s 80% of the fun of having a website.