New Theme: Yukata Summer (Beta)

Nanyate?! has a new theme! This layout is titled “Yukata 浴衣 Summer”. For those who are unfamiliar with Japanese culture, yukata is the summer version of a kimono 着物. The flower in the background is inspired from a yukata featured in last year’s issue of JJ Magazine. Yes, I drew it. And yes, it took forever. I haven’t actually illustrated anything complicated for a while, so I was quite antsy when I drew the flower.

The layout is currently in beta mode. The background is incomplete. I wanted to add a couple more embellishments but I haven’t received my brushes from Seishido as of yet. And of course, there are bugs to kill and the layout doesn’t work on IE 6 at all. Most bugs will be fixed by tomorrow. IE6 compatibility will have to wait. Busting out my old Sony Vaio to re-code half the site is just…argh.

I’ve been at this for 2 days. 1 day for drawing the background. 1 day for designing + coding. I haven’t slept for 20 hours. So, pardon this rough post and rough layout.

I’m exhausted. Off to bed.

UPDATE!:I received my brushes! Here’s the new background! Most bugs for the Mac Firefox, Safari and Opera are squashed. I’d expect that their Windows would react the same way. Now all that’s left is that nasty IE6, which I don’t have access to – not even from my old Sony VAIO! IE NetEenderer isn’t powerful enough for me to refresh every 5 seconds, so coding for IE will have to wait until I go to my school’s library.

Sorry, IE6 users. On the other hand… you really shouldn’t be using IE6. Microsoft is already developing IE8 and even had a beta release! I can’t imagine what kinda security flaws you IE6 users have to deal with. 😯 The browser’s free for goodness’ sakes; all it takes to upgrade is some free time. Think about it this way: just 10 minutes less of porn, infinite increase in security. Time for a upgrade, people.

  • Id

    OMG! Woman, this is GORGEOUS!
    *gawks for the next 2 hours*

  • soyuz

    this is awesome!

    maybe it will be better if you come here this summer to get the real feeling about how the summer is in tokyo 😀

  • OMG! I love this! I love the colours so much! And flowers in full bloom always get me happy and motivated about spring even though those same flowers give me the worst type of allergies possible! Oh, but this is just so beautiful! Congratulations on coming back in full force from hiatus, Ivy! You’re amazing! *applauds*

  • k

    ivy, this is so pretty!! 🙂

  • Wow. This is really, really nice. It somehow makes me thirsty… for grape juice. Or “bandung”.

  • lovely, as always!

    you’re so talented! 🙂

  • omg! omg! so pretty!!!!!
    can’t imagine my delight when i saw this page loaded. <333333

  • It is so beautiful, I love it 🙂 I also looked at it in IE6, and it looks like the content area is too wide for IE6, so some pixels need to be taken off for this browser…and maybe an absolute positioning of the navigation will get it in shape..anyway, thumbs up for the lovely illustrations 😉

  • I love your update!! The flower most definitely looks very well crafted, you’re a wonderful artist! I couldn’t find the kimono in the JJ cover that you were referring to.

    I can’t wait to see it finished finished finished!

  • Oooh, pretty. (: Never realized that blue and pink could actually go together, but well, this looks good!

    One little thing – the top right corner looks a little sparse. Was wondering how it’d look if the flower was shifted higher so that it fulls up the space. 😛

    Unrelated, but I love your tagline! Hahaha.

  • Toni

    Hey Ivyy!! 🙂

    I remember one time, our japanese math teacher took us on a field trip to the japanese cultural centre in toronto and the people there put us in kimonos for fun. I got to wear a yukata..and it looked just like your w/ pink flowers! omg brings back memories haha.

    I really like the smaller flowers (the one w/ white outlines). It really looks like the background is a piece of fabric! :).

    This may be a dumb question but what program did you use to draw this? photoshop?

  • Wow this is beautiful. I love the color scheme. I would never think that these colors would go well together. You did a great job on it. =) I can see a lot of work has been put into it.

  • omg i love it! you did a wonderful job on the theme woman.

  • I like the previous one much better for some reason.

  • I love this new theme! It looks amazing! You drew that?! Ah, jealous. I can’t draw to save my life.

  • Sorry for being so impatient to leave a comment about the new theme in the previous post. I think I’m too elated to see a new Nanyate theme 🙂

    Serious Ivy, you’re a great designer! You can play with the colours really well. I’ve neer thought that pink and blue come across as a wonderful mix.

    Sorry to hear about the PNG transparency issue! It’s all IE6’s fault, and yea, cross-browser CSS styling is a big pain in the butt! Stupid IE.

    I heard that there’s a two PNG transparency javascript fix available.
    1. The simple one, but no longer updated since Mar 2008 – Supersleight Transparency PNG in IE
    2. The rather complicated counterpart – PNG in Windows IE

    I hope this helps, all the best!

  • Wow this is absolutely astonishing! I love the details and the colour schemes! Amazing.

  • OHMYGOSH CUTE! The background is GORGEOUS and the color matches really well!

  • That’s why I never want to go to university to study history… I know I’ll get bored and doze off during classes. School and work sucks the fun out of everything no matter how much you were into it prior.

    Love the new theme! I’m using Safari right now and it looks good!

    I started designing a new theme for mine too except it will be such a pain to code because there are so many drop shadows, rounded corners and patterns. I wonder if I’ll ever finish?

  • Where are all the naked women? Remind me why I’m coming here again…


  • oh wow, gorgeous layout Ivy! You put so much effort into your work! each individual petal…

  • You layout looks really good. I love the original color combo. However, I think the background repetition is a bit unflattering to the eyes, maybe if you have a fixed background, it’ll look less busy and distracting. Overall I really love the creativity. =]

  • you really put a lot of work into your layout o_o and it turned out really well! I totally suck at making layouts with dark backgrounds, so mine usually have white as basic color ^^;
    IE6 problem, hm? I usually just check if it works in IE7 and firefox…people should just use firefox, would be so much easier ~_~

  • Its beautiful! I absolutely love it. Great job
    Tag! You’re it!

  • so preeeetty! you are craaazy!

  • Nel

    Hey Ivy! I came across your new layout via the link on Teddy’s site. This is definitely one hell of a change- for the better!

    Its obvious that you always put a lot of effort into the design and the coding of your layouts. You make me feel ashamed going to all that effort to code for IE6 users- I am so lazy, I would never have gone to that extent, it shows how dedicated you are to your site.

    And thank you for the little notice about my layout, I have it fixed now, and hopefully there shouldn’t be anymore issues *fingers crossed*

  • Great theme and good job with the illustration, it came out really well! I’m loving the colors.

  • LuxBeach

    your themes very nice. but i didn’t see where i can download this themes.

    ~ LuxBeach

  • Wow this is very nice layout 🙂 and thanks for the information about the kind of flower this is 🙂 great job on your template. Good luck! 🙂