New WordPress Plugins!

I’m in the middle of writing an essay, so this entry will be brief and will seriously lack pizzazz. Anyway, I added a few new plugins. See all plugins used here!

  • WP YouTube provides customized colors and sizes for YouTube videos. And let’s not forget the nifty valid XHTML code.
  • WP Comments Thread. Well, isn’t it obvious from the name?! Anyway, it’s the only one that’s worked with my stylesheet so far. The downside is that it screwed up my code semantics by adding random CSS into the page. At least, I can still pass XHTML validation.
  • Sociable allows readers to add your posts to their favorite content sharing website. I only checked the most popular. If there are any sites that you use, please feel free to request. Sociable gave me too much of a hard time with the transparency CSS, so it has since been deleted.

I have a question and a half for my visitors (regular and first-time alike). Would you like to be notified by email when a response is posted to your comment? If you do, would you prefer to be notified only when it’s from me? Thanks a lot! Your input will be very helpful to the reader-friendliness of Nanyate!?

Edit: I’ve added the blogs I most frequently visit on the main page. I also re-ordered the sites on my links page to save space (and hence loading time). Oh, and link exchanges with blogs or personal sites are welcomed, as usual.

  • Those plugins are fabulous! I will probably snag a few! Thanks so much!

    Oh, I like when websites have a little check box that asks if you want to be notified of followup comments, that way we can choose based upon the comment.

  • Hey Ivy thanks for the links to the plugins, they rock! So far in the list I’ve got WP Youtube, since Youtube doesn’t support embedding of its videos in wordpress blogs yet (and probably never, since Google controls YouTube AND Blogger, it would love to leave video embedding exclusive to Blogspot users)… the threaded comment plugin is cool, but I’ve never got the guts to try any of those because I’m afraid of screwing up my template, and later finding myself stubbornly editing the css instead of just deactivating the plugin itself ๐Ÿ™‚ lol, I’m a freaky perfectionist.

    I’ve noticed another change too – the additon of the subscribe toolbar, it’s cool! At least you give your readers more options to bookmark and pulbisie interesting posts they’ve found on your blog. Is that a plugin too?

    P.S. I’ve been wanting to ask this for weeks but my forgetful mind refuses to cooperate until now. What plugin do you use to display the links (if there’s any) to the commentors’ blogs at the bottom of the post?

  • *enframes*

  • Whoa, I never knew there was a plugin called WP Youtube. I’ve been using their invalid embed code all this while when I try to insert videos. :/

  • Thanks for the updates! I’ve been looking for a video plugin, but I don’t want to upload to youtube… but we shall see.
    Hope your essay goes well!

    • Oh dear sorry for double commenting but my brain seems to have forgotten the last line of your post, and decidde to remember that weeks-old question of mine instead.

      Well I don’t mind having comment subscription, but what annoys me is that many blogs out there will tick the checkbox for you by default. It’ll be great to know who’ve replied to my comment, including you (so that’s a yes to the 1.5 questions) ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Ivy

      Yups, the subscriber toolbar is Sociable – the one I linked on the post. It’s screwing with the transparency of my links though. So I might have to find an alternative.

      As for the comment linking, I used a really, really old plugin called Comment Plugger.

  • Hehe about the plugins.

    Yeah, I’d like to be notified of your response back to my comments, and if it was only from you.

    Anyways, good luck with your essay!

  • Try “Social Dropdown” plug-in. That’s what I use on my blog. As for comments notification, which do you have in mind? The one I use doesn’t offer many options.

  • mei

    hey ivy, thanks for visiting my site =D. awesome and cool site you have here!! -gasp- WP pluggins!!! thanks!

  • k

    it’d be nice to be informed by email, but i don’t really mind either way.

    i don’t have problems linking youtube videos to my WP blog using the default embed code though… is it because i don’t use the WYSIWYG editor? or am i missing something? =/

  • I would like to be notified if you replied but not anyone else, because then it becomes spamish and annoying.

  • Hi Ivy, sorry if my question gonna sound stupiditous. do you use any plugin to make footer like you got below? I use a StudioPress_Red theme.

    I have just started my new blog, want to make the design perfect before going to far with my content ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Great Site – really useful information!

    • Ivy

      Thanks a lot for the tip! I will try social dropdown when I’m free. Actually, wp-comment-thread has a built-in function to notify others when a response is posted. I just deactivated it because I wanted to see what everyone thought. ๐Ÿ™‚