Problematic WordPress Upgrade

Sorry for the hiatus, which unfortunately will have to continue for a while. I upgraded to WordPress 2.6 the first day of its release via the Automatic Upgrade plugin. And now my site is filled with problems. MAJOR problems.

Until that’s fixed, I’m won’t be updating since it’s affecting every nook and cranny of this site – including entry posting. It’s not an easy fix as it’ll need my web hosting company’s cooperation.

Oh WordPress! How I loathe and love you at the same time. I shall write a bittersweet poem for thee.

Maybe not. Grr.

  • Tara

    Yeah, WordPress is a love/hate relationship X________X;; I miss the simplicity of Greymatter!

  • Simply Precious

    Hehe, I ALMOST agreed to Tara’s comment about Greymatter, but I like WP too. Not the whole customizations and all, though, but the features and the plugins and all that. Good luck fixing your site!! LOL, that’s why I haven’t upgraded yet. I don’t have time to fix things because I KNOW they’ll break with the upgrade…

  • sailor

    My upgrade went smoothly, sorry to hear about your misfortune. I hope you get it sorted out soon.

  • teddY

    Sorry to hear about the problem with WP upgrade! I guess sticking back to the good old manual way of updating is the best? That’s what I’ve been doing after a tragic failure (which deleted my database as well)… I’m relieved that your database is still intact!

    Hang in there!

  • Sarah

    It is best to upgrade WordPress manually and not rely on plugins.

  • nyuu

    sorry to hear about wordpress, but I really wanted to comment on how pretty your layout is lol. I really like the background, did you draw it? I hope you’ll get everything fix.

  • Olivia Kitty

    lol, Aw! I hope you iron out all the problems soon 😀

  • Michael

    You need to re-upload the files. It’d be a permission issue. I had the same problem once before with that plug-in.

  • Barbilee

    :) yeah i hate upgrading wordpress too

  • Jihyun

    Hey Ivy!
    Hehe I am so lazy that I am just using wordpress with a premade layout! I was wondering which blogging program was the best, I guess wordpress is favored huh? Or is it favored for installing into your website? I see a lot of people using more though..hum.

    I am sorry to hear your Master Cleanse did not go well! Like Stanley Burroughs says, master cleanse may not be for everyone, :(/

    One of my friend had a violent reaction to it and quit after 3 days. In her case, I strongly believe it was because of the toxins, but I am not a certified doctor or anything so I can not really have a say. But she is the type to get sick very often and very easily, has low immune system, and is just a fragile person in general…I wish I got sick from my MC than I can confidently say it was the toxins! But I CAN’T! – -‘

  • Brenda

    Whoa, everyone seems to be having trouble work WP 2.6. Thankfully, I haven’t quite gotten off my lazy arse to upgrade mine yet. But either way, may your problems be resolved. (:

    Perhaps I’d upgrade when 2.6.1 comes out.

  • Lissy

    uh ohs. Yeah, I updated my wedding blog b/c I figured that would be ok, and it was. I haven’t done my main blog yet. I figure I need a good chunk of time in case anything goes wrong.

  • Sigg3

    Good luck with that. I’m still on the fence with WordPress versus drupal.

  • yichi

    Hey, glad to hearing that finally the problem solved. maybe you can install a copy of wordpress on your own hard-disk, MAMP or XAMP might be good. Next time get a latest wordpress, run and test it locally before overwrite the server-side to ensure that everything works fine, especially your theme.