About Ivy

I’m Ivy, a 30 year-old multilingual global citizen currently living in Kyoto, Japan. I used to write for a living and design for fun. I spend my spare cash on gadgets and spare time pondering how the world works.

Ivy the Global Citizen

I am a classic adult third culture kid. I grew up in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Canada. I’m multilingual and an avid fan of world cultures. A third culture kid is someone who grew up overseas and have embraced:

  1. the culture of her parents,
  2. the culture of the foreign land in which she has resided, and
  3. the culture of the communities she belonged to in the foreign land she resided

For more information, go to Wikipedia’s entry on Third Culture Kids.

Ivy the Language Lover

As a result of my nomadic life, I have grown to love foreign languages and culture. I believe that speaking a language is a gateway to truly understanding another culture.

So far, I have learned 10 languages — English and Hokkien natively, Mandarin fairly fluently, French passively, Cantonese and Malay colloquially, Spanish, Indonesian and Korean basically.

I’m currently working on Japanese. I’m also using this opportunity to understand the process of second-language acquisition, in hopes to help other language learners find more effective ways to learn languages. I write about my adventures with the Japanese language and second language acquisition at thinkingjapanese.com

Ivy the Communications Professional

I am a Communications Manager for SingTel, a major communications group in Asia. I was originally hired to oversee the company’s social media communications efforts. My portfolio has since evolved into financial communications, internal communications and event management.

With that said, everything written at nanyate.com and other related profiles, unless stated otherwise, are my personal views and in no way associated with my employer.

Ivy the Gadget Geek

I have an unhealthy relationship with gadgets. I carry my Android, iPad Mini and iPod Nano everywhere with me. Then I come home to my Mac Air and Bose headphones. I’m a sucker for beautiful devices and I’m hopelessly addicted to being connected, so much so that I’ve outsourced part of my brain to it. I no longer bother to remember facts and figures. I just whip out my phone and say “OK, Google” and problem solved.

Ivy the Philosopher

The world of philosophy, psychology, and spirituality have always intrigued me. I feel that it’s my life’s calling to deeply understand my myself and mankind. I feel that the modern man is plagued by a dis-ease, and I want to find the cure for it. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about — that emptiness and boredom we feel after coming home from a long day at work or school. That discomfort you try to distract yourself from by watching TV, washing down with a few glasses of beers.

The thinkers who have influenced me Plato, Albert Camus, Nietzsche, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Carl Jung, Alan Watts, Takuan Soho and Hayao Kawai.

Themes I have interest in, in chronological order.

  • What is a good person / society?
  • What/who is the Other?
  • What/who is the Self?
  • How do I transcend the Ego?
  • How can I integrate Western idea of Self to the Eastern idea of Self?

I like to think that life is about progress; and the way to progress is to re-think the status quo, and nudge it along the path of evolution.

Nanyate.com is a travelogue of my journey to understanding the world within and around me; a humble attempt to change the world one word at a time.

I hope you will find interesting and insightful tidbits about life here.