A Night in Photos

July 10, 2008 / Culture, Daily Life / 15 Comments

Two months ago, I posted an entry chronicling a day spent in Toronto with my boyfriend. See A Day in Photos. This time, I will chronicle a night spent in Singapore with my best friend, ID.

6.15PM: From Ritzy Restaurant to High-Class Hawker

Makan Sutra at Dusk

ID and I met up yesterday to conceptualize a new layout for our new joint blog/vlog/podcast at ToiletRev.com. We spent many hours scrummaging around the corners of the ‘Net to look for a ritzy restaurant, and finally decided on Makan Sutra at the Esplanade. Turns out that the ritzy restaurant is actually just a high-class hawker in the middle of the city.

Hungry bloggers aren’t choosers, so we stayed and had our fill. As you can see, the hawker had quite an ambiance, completed with earthy umbrellas, fans, seaview and rocky tables. The added ambiance and the prime location also meant that we had to pay premium for otherwise average-tasting, affordable local food.

6.30PM: Dinner at a High-Class Hawker

Roti John at Makan Sutra Iced Teh Tarik and Nasi Goreng

I had Roti John (left), which is fried bread with beef and onions stuffing. ID had Nasi Goreng (right), which is Malay for fried rice. Talk about healthy

11.20PM: Midnight Walk in a Tropical City

Raffles Hotel Courtyard Raffles Hotel Stairs

Just in case you were wondering what we did from 6.30 to 11PM, we walked around Raffles City to check out some clothes and stationery. We then worked on the layout at Starbucks until its closing time at 11PM. We then proceeded to McDonald’s, where it was 24 hours. To venture our way there, we had to walk past the luxurious Raffles Hotel, which is one my favorite spots in Singapore. I’m in love colonial architecture; there’s just a certain romantic atmosphere about it.

12 – 3AM: Toilet Humor and Bathroom Design

Spoof of Nanyate.Com

We spent the first 3 hours at Starbucks throwing out random ideas, and spent the last 3 hours at McDonald’s finalizing a sketch of ToiletRev.com‘s first layout. Collaborating on a layout design was far harder than I expected, because ID and I have such different and distinct styles. Of course, ID will be illustrating, and I will coding. We will meet next week to work on the it.

Of course, for such a fun project, all sketches, all ideas, all jokes pertaining to ToiletRev.com will not be released until the site is formally opened to the public. So here’s a spoof of Nanyate?! instead by yours truly.

From the quality of the doodle, I am sure you are all now convinced that I failed art in school. I clearly can’t write, can’t draw, can’t color – by hand.

To see the rest of the pictures, visit my Flickr account.