Finding Zen in Phuket

July 16, 2011 / Culture, Daily Life / 3 Comments

Just came back from a short trip to a secluded beach in Phuket, Thailand. It was a wonderfully relaxing trip; one I desperately needed to escape from my increasingly over-analytical, anxious mind. While in Singapore, my mind just cannot stop processing. So many anxieties over inconsequential matters. But I think it’s not just me that’s being anxious. As someone who’s particularly sensitive to other people’s’ energies, I’m sure I’m also mirroring what Singaporeans are anxious about. Being forced into other people’s’ frequencies is incredibly taxing.

Vijitt Resort
The beach view from the Vijitt Resort

So it was nice to be in a secluded beach. Relish in my own thoughts and feelings — feel oneness within myself and the world around me. It was nice having not to think. I had no itinerary. I went there with the sole objective to turn off and tune out.

After 4 days, I can finally hear myself think again. I can finally hear my heart beat again.

Dog paw prints at the beach
Dog paw prints at the beach

Everyone needs to do one of these trips.

Stop being so caught up with the world and catch up with yourself. That way, you’ll find what’s most important to you.