Traditional Asian Ice Cream: Ais Krim Potong

August 30, 2009 / Culture / 11 Comments

While surfing around YouTube yesterday, I stumbled some old Klondike bar ads and had a sudden revelation (and a sudden craving!). It looks a lot like the traditional Singaporean / Malaysian ice-cream called ais krim potong my parents used to eat as kids. Translated to English, ais krim potong means cut-out ice cream.

It probably got its name from the way it’s served. The ice cream is molded into a large block. When served, the ice cream seller would cut it up into smaller rectangular pieces and insert between wafers or bread.

I don’t usually fancy ice-cream but thanks to the Klondike videos, I just had to get my hands on a traditional ais krim potong. Yum!

Happy salivating. 🙂