My Valentine’s Day in Singapore

February 18, 2009 / Culture, Daily Life, Reviews / 8 Comments

With my boyfriend still in Canada, I spent my Valentine’s day with a friend this year. We went to some nice places, bought some clothes, and had an mini adventure of sorts.

Food For Thought

Our first stop was the Food for Thought. It’s not everyday you can walk into a quaint IKEA-laden store that serve only the most exquisite sandwiches, and be greeted by the happiest employees and boss in the world.

Garlic Prawn Pasta at Food For Thought
Garlic Prawns at Food For Thought

The 90 Steps to Clarke Quay

We then headed our way down to Clarke Quay to an izakaya, or a Japanese-styled bar. On our way there, we took a detour to look for an ATM (with no luck) and then discovered an exit from the subway station called “90 Steps to Clarke Quay”. It sounded so mysterious that I was picturing an Alice in Wonderland-esque exit, so we readily embarked on our adventure. After the first flight of stairs, I was expecting to be greeted by a Victorian flight of stairs of some sort, only to realize that (to our dismay) that it was just a bunch of industrial stairs leading to the first floor. It was such a cruel, cruel joke on the part of the architects.

Would’ve liked to take pictures but I was too tired after climbing up the 90 Steps. So here’s a YouTube video chronicling some girls walking down the 90 Steps instead.

A Japanese Bar for Friends

After our little adventure, we dragged ourselves over to Clarke Quay to Tomo (朋友) Izakaya. Tomo means “Friends” in Chinese and Japanese. Since it’s named “friends”, I figured this would be the ideal place to avoid the lovey dovey couples whose existence would simply shoot me with pangs jealousy.

Tomo Izakaya

Slow service aside, that place was almost built for me. I mean, it looks like my website, and it’s got live jazz music. There’s nothing much else I could ask for.

Live Jazz Band at Tomo Izakaya

Except maybe….

Frozen Lychee Margarita at Tomo Izakaya
…a nice Frozen Lychee Margarita…

Kuzukiri at Tomo Izakaya
…and some noodle-esque Japanese dessert called kuzukiri.

So how did you spend your Valentine’s Day?