Okonomiyaki: Japanese Pancake

April 10, 2008 / Culture, Daily Life / 31 Comments

I used to be one of those people who thought that Japanese people only eat sushi/udon/teriyaki *insert meat of choice* all day. So I always thought their food was…well, kind of bland.

Then I was introduced to okonomiyaki, which is Japanese savory pancake of sorts. The pancake is fried with, among other things, cabbage, eggs and meat/seafood of your choice. It is then smothered with okonomiyaki sauce, which is the Japanese cousin of Worcester sauce, topped with a dollop of Japanese mayonnaise.

Betcha hungry now. 😉

Japanese Pancake
My Monday Lunch: Shrimp Okonomiyaki

To be honest, it was too flavorful for me. (Who’s complaining about bland a second ago?) I’m not a big fan of salty food. I would have love some salad or rice as a side to balance out the taste. But it is refreshing to have once a while (yes, this isn’t my first okonomiyaki) – especially when my favorite sushi restaurant is jam packed.

If you live in Toronto, and would like to try something new, head over to Okonomi House at Charles Street. If you live in Singapore/Malaysia, Sakae Sushi actually serves okonomiyaki, but it’s nowhere as good as the one in Toronto. Sorry, guys. 🙁

I’m Back!

I’m technically done with my undergraduate degree now. I’ve finished all my exams and assignments. 🙂 Now, I’m just waiting for my graduating diploma to be printed and I’ll be heading back to Singapore – but I’ll save the details for another post.

Anyway, all this means that I can go back to blogging, commenting on all your sites and designing the new layouts I promised. I’ll be updating slowly over the next few days as I will be cracking my fingers and my head on the new layout for Nanyate?! In the meantime, happy drooling.