A Day in Photos


Sorry for being away from the blog scene the past week. I’ve been extremely busy preparing for my return to Singapore next week; renting out my room, packing up, buying last minute stuff has been incredibly time-consuming and taxing. I’ll be blogging erratically for the next 2 weeks. Hopefully, by then I think I’ll be completely settled down in Singapore.

New Camera!

Perils of moving across 12 timezones aside, my boyfriend and I drove to the middle of nowhere to get me a new camera yesterday (because it was that much cheaper than buying it downtown). It’s the one I’ve been eying on since its release: Canon Powershot A590 IS. It’s a budget camera that takes amazing shots with full manual controls. It only costs 160 CAD. What a steal! And I even got a 4GB SDHC card for 15 CAD.

All psyched out like a little kid, I was haphazardly taking hundreds of pictures on the way back home from the store. I didn’t really have the time to figure out how to use the manual controls, so I shot everything in Easy and Auto mode. And this is how it turned out…

12.40PM: First Test Shot


As we were leaving the store, we drove past a marsh. It was so ugly that it was unworthy of my new camera. So I pointed the lens at the sky instead. It was shot on Easy mode in a moving car. Not the brightest colors but amazing nonetheless.

1.00PM: Lunch at Pacific Mall

Pacific Mall Bento

Hunger struck. So, we drove to Pacific Mall for lunch (you know, the one Russell Peters refers to in his ‘Chinese bargain’ joke). And this is what I had: Chinese-cooked Korean food. Marinated BBQ beef (Kalbi), with potato noodles (Japchae), spicy seaweed and salad with fruit dressing (yuck! no, and I don’t mean the name).

1:00PM: Emperor Chair

Emperor Chair, Pacific Mall

This was on my left while I was savoring my lunch: the emperor chair. The sign on the chair was absolutely amusing. It says “Please do not sit on the emperor chair.” If I hadn’t had known it was an emperor chair, my urge to sit on it wouldn’t be half as strong. The irony.

2.00PM: Cosplay Store

Window Shopping at a Cosplay Store

After lunch, we spent a couple hours just checking out the stores. And then we walked past a cosplay (costume play) store. This mannequin particularly caught my eye because I instantly recognized which anime it was from (Ulquiorra Schiffer from BLEACH). I would have loved to try it on. Too bad the store was closed. I spent another 5 minutes peeking through window hoping to catch a glimpse of another costume that I might’ve recognized. Unfortunately, the 3500 anime episodes I’ve watched didn’t help with identifying anymore costumes.

3:40PM: Long Drive Home

Haphazard Shot

I snapped quite a few pictures on the way home and I particularly liked this shot. I wanted to capture the yellow flowers as the car was coming to a halt (for the red light). Just as I switched on the camera, a bus was rushing from behind, so I haphazardly snapped before it would block my view. I was so sure that the camera wouldn’t shoot in time and I would have ended up with half a bus in my frame. But as you can see here, it’s 100% bus-free. What speed.

4.00PM: Longest Street in the World

Yonge Street Uptown Yonge Street Downtown

Yonge Street used to be longest street of the world at 1,896 kilometers. Despite having its record broken, Yonge Street is still an important road as it neatly splits Toronto from the East and the West. The picture on the left is a snapshot of Yonge Street somewhere in the Greater Toronto Area (i.e. far away from downtown) and the picture on the right shows Yonge Street downtown. (I used to live not too far from here.)

6.00PM: Dinner at Korean Town


My favorite place to be. Doesn’t look spectacular but the food is amazing! Wasn’t paying much attention to where I was shooting, but the stuff at BnC cake house is just too yummy. The fresh cream cakes are just.. wow. If you ever visit Toronto, you must try one!


With this I ended my first date with the Canon A590 IS. My photography skills are currently at 0%. Nevertheless, I think the pictures turned out well. I just started to learn about aperture and shutter speed today and hopefully I can take some professional-like pictures when I go to Niagara this Thursday. So, until then, enjoy the rest of my amateur shots at my Flickr account.