A Moment of Psychosis

January 12, 2008 / Daily Life / 9 Comments

I was at Tim Horton’s yesterday with my boyfriend. As I sat down with my lovely ice cappuccino, the lady from the table behind stared into my eyes with such ferocious intensity.

Such viciousness. Such coldness. Such a mental disturbance (hers, not mine).

When I turned away, she resumed her sweet talking with her boyfriend. I have no idea why she stared at me like that but all I could think about for the next 30 seconds were images of her husband and children devoured by her psychotic moments. Torn to shreds, eaten alive; frightened to death.

Then from the corner of my eye I looked at her husband smiling happily to the sweetness of his wife. I could only shake my head in pity.

Site Downdate
Nanyate?! was down for quite a bit last night. Sorry to my European/Asian/late-night surfing American visitors for not being able to access the site. The database screwed up when my hosting company tried to reboot the server. But they were honest and quick about it. Good job!

Site Update
I added a few more pages, including a list of animes I’ve watched or are currently watching. I’ve also added two new songs; one Korean by The Note titled “What Women Want”, and the other Chinese, by Khalil Fong titled “Is it enough?” (roughly translated).