Edited My Very First Video

February 6, 2008 / Daily Life, Internet Memes / 13 Comments

Though I’ve owned a Mac for 6 months, I’ve never opened iMovie even once. I thought video editing was going to be hard work. I was so wrong. Anyway, I edited a clip of my housemate’s new pet hamster. His real name is Hama, but after we said we’d eat him (Calm down, PETA-wannabes. It’s called a JOKE!), we decided to nickname him Hamlette, which is Hamster + Omelette. By the way, the song is called “Aqua Alta Hiyori” by Choro Club, if anyone wants to know. If I’m going to have a pet in my house, my pet needs that authentic old English name to give him some dignity, I might gift him a monocle if he takes to his name well.

What do you think? Pretty professional-looking for first time, eh? *nudge nudge, wink wink* I even timed the frames with the music! And doesn’t the video make you want a Mac now? Oh c’mon, don’t deny it. You want one. You must have one! Yes, you do!