Goodbye Toronto, Hello Singapore!

May 29, 2008 / Daily Life, Opinion / 10 Comments

Hello Nanyaters! I meant to update earlier but I’ve been sick, thus bedridden since I arrived at Singapore. Looks like a 20 degree Celsius change is just too much for my body to handle. Anyway, my fever is going down, so I thought I’d blog a little.

Truth be told, I don’t really know what to write about my transitions – from school to work, from sheltered life to a real one, from childhood to womanhood, from North America and back to Asia. All those transitions with one plane ride is honestly too much for my heart to handle; so, I blind it with indifference. If I were a little more honest with my feelings, I’d likely express a pinch of fear, a touch of excitement and a whole tablespoon of uncertainty.

Leaving Toronto, an almost God-sent paradise, has not been as depressing as I thought. Of course, I left behind a whole lot of a friends, a loving boyfriend, streets upon streets of good food and a wonderful society. But somehow, I’m completely happy doing so. Perhaps, it’s because I’m sure that I will someday return. But for now, I must do what I must do.

And that is to keep walking forward.