Greeting Cards, Post Cards and Thank Yous!

January 17, 2010 / Daily Life / 12 Comments

It’s mid-January so I really hope everyone has received the Christmas postcards I sent in early December by now. I had a ton of fun conceptualizing a design for it, scavenging for a fast printer and writing personalized messages on the cards. Sorry if my writing was illegible. It took me many days and whole lot of effort to personalize those 50+ cards.

How to Design Postcards

Some people asked me how I designed them. Postcards are actually quite simple to design. I selected the Photoshop preset “Photo > Landscape 4 x 6” as the canvas. Left some space on the edges so that my design wouldn’t bleed off the sides when printed. To make sure my postcard was recognizably “nanyate”, I manipulated the nanyate lantern into some Christmas ornaments and made sure any text used Georgia, and voila!

Alternatively, you can skip that whole paragraph and just download my postcard template in PSD format. πŸ˜›

Almost forgot, but I also rounded the corners from two sides of the postcard to give it a friendlier look. Special thanks for Claudia for the inspiration. I really liked that her business cards had rounded corners. You can buy these rounded corner clippers at the local bookstore, by the way.

postcard with rounded corners

Thank You for Your Cards!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent me cards. Giving cards are already a joy but finding a handwritten card within a myriad of bills and flyers really made my month. These cards serve as a reminder that we’re not just paragraphs of text and 100×100 avatars on rectangular screens, but real people with emotions, desires and opinions.

Here’s a snapshot of the cards I’ve received to date.

postcards from everyone

So thank you Brenda, Dayna, Gina, Hong Wei, Joel ♥, Kirin, MB, Michelle, Nancy, Nicole, Patty, Paul, Shiohito, Tara, Teddy and Walter.

Don’t fret, if your name isn’t here, it’s probably still on its way here. πŸ™‚