Happy 2008!

January 2, 2008 / Daily Life / 13 Comments

Happy 2008 to all my visitors. I had a good time out with some friends dining at East! at Queen Street West, then watching National Treasure. Then I got home at 1AM after having a treacherous ride on the subway, which is FREE on New Year’s from 12 – 4AM. People were either feeling too festive or too high to act decently.

Strangely, the highlight of the night is going to the East! bathroom. It is amazingly designed; not even Hilton or the Four Seasons make toilets like that. I forgot to bring my camera so I have no visual proof but if you ever come to Toronto, do dine at East! sometime. A corner of the bathroom is illuminated by a vase that had light coming from the bottom of it. The cubicles are illuminated by the wall between them. The entire bathroom is covered in black marble tiles, except for the ceiling, which is painted a really dark brown. Too bad it took me a while to figure out how to turn on the faucet. It is placed on the mirror. SERIOUSLY, WHO THE HELL PUTS A TAP AWAY FROM THE FAUCET?!

I guess this is the part where I’m supposed to talk about my New Year’s resolution. To be honest, I’m not the type to make New Year’s resolutions. If I forced one out, I’d forget it the next day so I see no point. Besides, if I really had something that I desperately needed or wanted to do it wouldn’t matter if it was New Year’s, April Fool’s, Valentine’s Day or a simple Saturday afternoon. I’d do it anyway. I guess having been raised from a family that grants me a lot of freedom from a young age, tradition is something I don’t quite understand.

So I shall make a New Year’s wish instead:

I would like to confirm an exciting and decent-paying job in Shanghai before I graduate from this concentration camp school in June. Then I would like to be able to do a good job with my new job, and become more successful than Bill Gates by the time I’m 30. Then I will use my newly-found wealth and power to reform the world’s education system so that the next generation will never have to see what war, discrimination and poverty tastes like because I will make sure they rise above it.

World peace can only happen in a society that’s untainted by the world’s evil.