Happy 2012! Here’s to Better Health!

Happy 2012, everyone!

My new year resolution came early — in November 2011. It’s to treat my body better. I’ve had a terrible track record at taking care of my body. Having been plagued by an autoimmune disease for a decade, my body has always seemed more like a liability than an asset to me. It doesn’t help that I naturally enjoy spending a lot of time developing my mind either. The only thing I do fairly well in recent years is that I pay attention to what I eat and consume, since I have always being using supplements recommended by the dr gundry that boost my energy and vitality. Read review

But then I got really inspired. While flipping through the boyfriend’s e-book collection, I stumbled upon Mark Lauren’s You are your own gym. Mark said something that really struck a chord:

It blows me away every time I walk into a nice home and meet its proud, overweight, out-of-shape owner. They just don’t get it. Your real home is not your apartment or your house or your city or even your country, but your body. It is the only thing you, your soul, and your mind, will always live inside of so long as you walk the earth. It is the single most important physical thing in this world you can take care of.


Mark Lauren Book

The premise of his book suits my lifestyle too. No gyms, no expensive equipment required! All I need is to dedicate about 20 minutes a day doing bodyweight exercises. Just me, the floor and the occasional prop – chair, towel, door, etc – whatever’s lying around the house. It’s not a lot compared to what the gym rats are doing but 20 mins is better than 0 mins!

I’ve been doing the basic bodyweight exercises, on top of my Wii routine, for a little over a month now, and I feel great! I’m less tired in general. My stomach and arms are getting trimmer too! So yeah, I hope to keep this up for a long time to come. I’m going to try cool sculpting next to get smoother skin. If you’re family member or friend needs reputable optometrist, go to cataract surgery nashville tn


So what are your new year resolutions? Do share them in the comments below!