Happy (Early) Birthday To Me!

December 18, 2007 / Daily Life / 15 Comments

I will turn 22 tomorrow. Time really flies by. It felt like only yesterday that I was an ignorant 18 year old that stepped into the ‘cool’ world of university. Yet now in 5 months time, I will be exit this world of over-protection for the world where adults live, thrive, dive.

It’s scary but I’m itching to leave.

I’m tired of school, where education only resides in textbooks. I wanna see what learning in the real world means. The pain, the stress, the challenges, the rewards. I am eagerly waiting to see what lies in the future for me – like a child peeping for his Christmas presents before due time.

My original plans were to stay in Toronto and try to find a job. My reason was simple; I have made bonds with people that I would rather not break. However, the realities are harsh. International students have an extremely difficult time finding jobs in Toronto. For a country that is in need of labor, they treat their best resources like trash. They leech off all the money we handed them for 4 years, then in turn, reward us with a piece of paper and and ungraciously drag us out of the exit. Some immigrant country this is.

So I have decided to go back to Asia. Not to my home country. I like Singapore but it’s just not the right place for someone like me to kick-start a career. Ideally, I’d like to go to China. I like the thrill of working in a rapidly developing nation where every industry still has so much potential to grow and challenges to meet. I’d like to be part of the movers and shakers for their progress. And of course, I’d like to know that the 4 years I’ve spent slogging through Chinese classes will be of some use.

Actually, I think I’ve subconsciously prepared to work there since graduating high school without even realizing it. After all I took political science because I wanted to use its knowledge to help bring developing countries power. And I forced myself to learn the language I hated most as an elective in university and continued it no matter how hard or ridiculous it was.

Layout Delays: Going to Montreal
Vectoring the designs have taken a lot more time than I expected, so I will not be able to complete the new design until I come back from my trip to Montreal. I will be back on Christmas Eve so you can expect a layout before New Years! BTW, the links, about and contact pages have been updated with some content.