Introducing Flip, My Only Toy

August 17, 2010 / Daily Life / 11 Comments

I watched Toy Story 3 the other day; the movie made me reminisce about my old toys. I had a unhealthy amount of Barbies complete with everything — the dream house, the car, a collection of clothes and even Ken. I also had an insane amount of soft toys, most of which were given to me by my extended family, friends and a few exes.

As I moved from one country to another, I gave away most of my toys, giving it to families with new born babies like baby standing toys, since babies need a lot of stuff, including the best convertible car seats to transport them. And now, at the age of 24, only one one remains. I could never bring myself to part with it. Perhaps because it’s the only toy I ever bought for myself. Unlike JJ, who gave her toy a name (I think it’s called White-Harp), I never did get around to naming mine. It came with the name Flip tagged to its ear, so I just stuck with that.

I bought Flip the last time I lived in Singapore, back in 2001. It’s a retired beanie baby. It was sitting on the window display at a toy store at Wheelock Place with a beautiful white coat and mesmerizing blue eyes that captured my heart. Now, almost a decade later, Flip still sits on my bed every night. Although its coat isn’t so pristine anymore, its blue eyes are still just as mesmerizing, if not even more.

So let me introduce you to Flip…

Busy Flip on my Macbook
Angry Flip on my Macbook
Possessive Flip on my Macbook

Dear readers, how did you find Toy Story 3? Did you think about your toys too? Do you have any favorites? Do share!