Positive Love #2

March 7, 2008 / Daily Life / 12 Comments

Bzz. bzz. bzz. Bzz. bzz. bzz. The phone-alarm rings.
Just a little longer…

Bzz. bzz. bzz. Bzz. bzz. bzz.
Not again. I can still make it…

Bzz. bzz. bzz.
Dammit. 45 minutes left until class starts.
Drags myself out of bed.
Takes my customary morning shower.
Zombies my way out of the bathroom.
Checks the weather; curse Toronto for the brooding day.

Grurru, gruruur.
Hunger strikes.
Still in a daze, pressed for time, I dress up.

Grurru. Gruuuuuuu. Stomach keeps growling.
Crap. 10 minutes left.
Shit. I’m late. I’m sleepy. I don’t want to go to class.
It’s the week before the test too.
The professor even said she’ll give us a mini-test to see how we’re doing.
No, I can’t skip. Need caffeine.

Splish, splosh. Splish, splosh.
Tunnel my way through the snow to Starbucks.
“Can I get a Grande Mocha Frappucino, please?”
Don’t forget to smile, Ivy. Say please and thank you.
Forced a smile.


A tired Barista: “Look! I made a flower with the chocolate topping! Like it?”
My eyes lit up. My spirit lit up. My day lit up.
Me: “Yes! Thank you very much! You made my day!”
A happy Barista: “You made my day from saying you made my day!”

I got 11 out of 12 in the mini-test.

Someone opened her heart to me today. A dark, cold, negative morning became a wonderful bright day with many occurrences to thank for. I’m sure the barista did too. This is the power of positive love and karma in my reality. And probably, in the world’s reality.

Thank you, Starbucks Barista.