Thank You To My Housemates

January 6, 2008 / Daily Life / 5 Comments

I celebrated my 22nd birthday for the third time yesterday. This time it was with my housemates and 20 of their friends. We had a potluck party which celebrated the new year and my birthday. One of my housemates made butter chicken and chocolate fondue. (Sooooo goood!). They also had a surprise birthday cake for me! It was really sweet of them! I had tons of fun and met lotsa new people, including a guy who graduated from my high school – which, for the people who don’t know, is located 24 hours away by flight from Toronto. (Photos Coming Soon!)

To all my visitors: have you ever had any memorable birthday celebrations?

Site Updates: If you haven’t already noticed, a lot of content has been added. The web host reviews and my design history have been updated and imported from Miss.IvyTan.Net. The fanlistings have been imported as well. I also added a wishlist. I haven’t gotten around to fixing the footer. I’ll get to it when I’m free.