YUI Yoshioka – My New Idol

May 5, 2009 / Daily Life / 26 Comments

Sep 1 ’09 Update – Replaced with a working video!

People who know me in person, have read my blog long enough or have browsed through my Last.FM will probably notice this about me: I absolutely hate rock music. Aside from Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, I have no other rock song on my iTunes playlist of 3,000 songs…

…that is, until yesterday.

While I was watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood last night, the opening song captured my ears – or rather my heart. It’s called Again by YUI (ユイ). There’s so much soul in her music that I could forgive the perpetual annoyance of the electric guitar. Her childish yet calming voice pierces through the normally unforgivable guitars, as if striving to overcome all obstacles just to reach whatever she’s trying to reach. (My soul, in my case.)

So like any Gen-Y’er, I wikied YUIand was just so, so, so impressed. YUI also known as Yoshioka Yui (吉岡 唯) writes her own songs, plays the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar, the bass, the piano and even the drums! She could just be her own band – if only she could clone herself 4 times over. Coupled with her childhood struggles and her dramatic climb to fame, it’s really hard not to respect someone as talented and dedicated as her. (Of course, her childhood drama could all be a marketing ploy. But who cares, this girl’s got talent).

I shall stop gushing like a fan girl and just let you experience it yourselves.

Can’t wait to go home, pick up my guitar and start learning to play her songs! YUI <3!

Dear Readers, do you have any idols? Who and why do you like him/her?