Maru the Japanese Cat

August 5, 2009 / Internet Memes / 19 Comments

My boyfriend, my parents and my ex-housemates can all vouch for this: I am obsessed with cats.

Maru the Cat

Before I go off to bed every night, I must get my fix of I Can Has Cheezburger and Cute Overload. And whoever is unlucky enough to be around me then would be coerced into sharing joys of cuteness with me. But lately, no fix has been as cute quenching as Maru 丸 the Scottish Fold from Japan.

He’s such a joy to watch since he’s so curious. And from the way he moves, he seems to have some incredible analytical skills for a cat. Ah~ Maru-chan kawaii desu!

So for those who don’t already know about Maru, enjoy!

There’s more Maru goodness on his YouTube channel and his blog!

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