Roiworld Fashion Games

February 5, 2008 / Internet Memes / 44 Comments

Update (Aug 15, 2009): Roiworld Korea has re-branded to Tiniya, while the original Roiworld will become the international site. Tiniya currently doesn’t allow us to play from outside of South Korea. The only way I could think of is to use a South Korean proxy. Here’s a list of proxies for you to try. And here’s the eHow article on proxies, if you’re not sure how to use one.

Roiworld Main Page

Roiworld is a Korean site where girls (and women) can dress dolls up, put make-up on them, takes quizzes etc. What sets it apart from all those doll sites is that it’s very fashion-centric. It’s regularly updated with the latest (Korean) fashion. There are over 100 dolls, each with multiple outfits, so you can be sure to find your style.

Roiworld Sample Room

Instructions for Non-Korean people: No registration is required. Just go to Roiworld Fashion and click on the desired tab which I roughly translated on black below.

Roiworld Navigation

Here are some dolls I made of myself a while back – view this. Yes, I do actually dress like that. Say what you want.

Roiworld Dolls of Ivy