The 1KM Tall Tower

October 16, 2008 / Internet Memes / 23 Comments

The Nakheel Tower aka Al Burj is one of the many skyscrapers that will be constructed by 2020. According to CNN, Al Burj is set to be 1KM in height.

Yes, I said 1 kilometer – as in 1000 meters, as in more than half a mile.

I’ve never been a huge fan of architecture but I just had to point this out: Can you imagine if the fire alarm goes off, and your office/apartment is on the top floor? Would you have to walk down the stairs that spans 1KM downwards?

If so, I suggest whoever is planning to rent that top floor to start getting in shape now. 😛

Pictures of Nakheel Tower

Nakheel Tower at Night Nakheel Tower in the Day

For more info on the Nakheel tower, visit Wikipedia.Org.

Would you live or work at skyscrapers (or even at Nakheel Tower)? Why or why not?