Witty Taglines and Wicked Tattoos by HTC

October 31, 2009 / Media Events, Technology / 6 Comments

Finally had some extra time this week and decided to attend the rebranding of HTC and the launch of the HTC Tattoo at the Butter Factory. Many thanks to the awesome people at The Right Spin for the invitation.

Witty Tagline

Anyway, I’ve always been a bit of a language freak, so it’s not surprising that a lot of my jokes are puns. But it’s a shame they always end up being quite lame or worse, when nobody seems to get them. So I always appreciate it (okay, more like become envious) when people make witty puns with the English language – and HTC’s new tagline has gotta be one them:

You don’t need to get a phone. You need a phone that gets you.



It’s ingenious, but not so in-your-face kinda ingenious. It’s more like a subtle kinda ingenious, so I can see how this all fits in with their new brand positioning “quietly brilliant”, which is also quite brilliant in itself.

(Okay, sorry. Couldn’t resist the pun.)

The ads that came with the YOU campaign are pretty darn witty too. They’ve got one where you see from the phone’s perspective, and another where it emphasizes how their phones are customized to suit the lifestyles of different individuals.

Wicked Tattoos

To celebrate the launch of the HTC Tattoo, HTC also gave everyone airbrushed tattoos. It’s such a neat idea to get everyone excited. Here’s a picture of Jacelyn‘s, mine and Nicole‘s Android tattoos.

Android Tattoos

There were a bunch of other tattoos like vintage ones, tribal ones and even Hello Kitty ones!

You can check out what tattoos the other bloggers got, along with the hot models clad in winter Springfield clothing at my Facebook album.

(Okay, okay. That’s my last play with words, I promise.)

So that’s it from me for now. Will search for time over the next week to publish some of my many drafts before super busy season starts again for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings. This will be my last project for the year before I take my uber-long staycation in December. Woot! Can’t wait!