A Revolution in My Web Design Philosophy

As some of you may have noticed, my site structure has changed since the migration to the new servers. I streamlined the pages in preparation for my new theme; a new theme that is going to be radically different from anything I have ever designed.

Not that it’s going to look revolutionary or anything; it’s my design philosophy that has been revolutionized.

For the longest time I struggled to find an answer when asked “why do you blog?”. I have neither extraordinary insight nor life to share with the world. And then it hit me. I didn’t start out on the web by blogging, I started out on the web by designing. The past 11 years of blogging had just been an excuse for me to adorn the web with pretty colors.

For the past 11 years, I was trying to create the prettiest, most original-looking blog. So I tried to never draw inspiration from other websites but from different mediums like anime, fashion, culture etc. I would mull over concepts and colors for weeks, consulting various color theory books, sketching 100s of variations, before I decide to photoshop a prototype and ultimately code it.

A lot of times, this design philosophy served me well and ended in some recognition.

But the last 11 months has changed all that for me. Overseeing web design and development work at an enterprise level has taught me to appreciate another facet of design; a facet that I have downplayed all these years – the function of design.

So the new theme’s concept and color combo only took me 5 minutes to gather. Even the prototyping stage on Photoshop took me less than 2 hours. I’ve just been fussing over typography and usability.

Hopefully, one day when I get skilled enough, I can combine both the art and function aspects of design to design masterpieces. But for the next theme, it’ll be all about the details.

Dear readers, what is your philosophy for web design? Which aspect of web design do you like best? What do you dislike? Do share links of your favorite designers and websites too!