Majulah Singapura

April 29, 2011 / Opinion, Politics / 5 Comments

I am just your average Singapore citizen – one who has not grown up here, but a proud patriot nevertheless.

I am not here to pass shallow judgments on you based on your voting preferences. Your vote is your choice and your right to govern our country.

I just want to bring to your attention that politics isn’t only about the candidates, the parties or even the issues. For a young nation like ours, it is also about ensuring that we have a system of government that is honest, accountable and transparent – one that empowers the people, one that represents our views.

Don’t just vote solely based on your feelings or your instincts. If you lack political knowledge, seek it. If you lack details on an issue, clarify it. Don’t allow yourselves to be swayed by the media – both traditional and social. Don’t allow yourselves to be easily persuaded by powerful but potentially empty rhetoric of politicians.

Take a moment and think.

In the case of the opposition parties, think about the feasibility of their promises. Can it be done? At what cost? In the case of the ruling party, think about why it wasn’t done before.

Don’t let yourselves be blindly swayed by the fervor of anger or the shame of ingratitude. Don’t let yourselves fall prey to empty threats and empty promises. Fellow Singaporeans, we have risen beyond this. I am sure we have!

And when you’ve calmed yourselves down, think about the future you envision for the country – and then decide which system of government is best positioned to realize it. Remember that politics extends far beyond the candidates and the parties. It’s also about having a power balance between the state, the media and the people.

Realize that we, as the citizens, have power. Power to determine our future. Power to hold the government, your rightful servants, accountable. Power to ensure Singapore progresses. No, evolves to the next stage.

Exercise your power purposefully and strategically, so we can proudly proclaim Majulah Singapura once again.