I got my hands on a Nexus One!

April 12, 2010 / Reviews, Technology / 15 Comments

There are Apple fanboys and Microsoft MVPs. I’m not poseur enough to be the previous and not geek enough to be the latter. But I’m an equivalent for Google. I rely on Google for just about everything, so getting my hands on a Nexus One review set is just effin’ awesome! Big thanks to Justin for lending me his Nexus One! 😀

Google Phone Nexus One

What I Like

Auto-correct – One of the few gripes I have with the iPhone is its egotistic auto-correct feature. Without adding words, I can’t swear or type in foreign languages without being corrected. Not the Nexus One though! I could write whatever I want without having to battle the phone for dominion over my linguistic choices. It has even recognized my address book’s and Google Contacts friends’ names.

Performance – It’s the fastest Android-powered phone I’ve tried so far. No lag whatsoever! Not sure how it performs in comparison with the iPhone 3G S. But I’m guessing it should be at least comparable.

Auto-syncing with Google accounts – I was a bit shocked when I first played with the phone. After logging in with my Google account, I found all my contacts, photos and even web search history on the phone. It was quite scary at first, but I have to say it’s now quite handy since I’m now only one touch away from everything.

Camera – For a phone, it has quite a good camera. It has 5MP with flash. Here are two shots. One of yummy waffles and a low-light shot of a souvenir Kirin got me when she visited Singapore. I did not edit the pictures except to watermark and re-size them.

Shot from Nexus One - Waffles
Shot from Nexus One - Japanese Souvenir

What can be improved

Scrolling – It takes a little bit more effort to scroll on the Nexus One than on the iPhone but it’s better than all other touchscreen phones I’ve tried so far.

Touch buttons – I think this is a matter of personal preference. If you’ve read my gadget reviews before, you’d know that I don’t like touch buttons. They are no match for real buttons. Touch buttons fail miserably at usability – even with tactile feedback.

Accelerometer – There’s a bit of a lag when I turn the phone sideways for the larger keyboard. I feel like I have to shake it for the screen to change. Definitely not as smooth as the iPhone.

Design – The Nexus One is not the type of phone where you whip out of your pocket and everyone in the vicinity will go “whoa!”. Here’s a photo of the Nexus One next to the ultra sexy Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. There’s just no comparison in terms of looks.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and Google Nexus One Comparison

So tempted to buy it but….I. must. resist!

I am this close to clicking “buy” at google.com/phone. It’s one of the very few phones that I very happy with. And the iPhone HD (or whatever it’s gonna be called) and HTC Desire are coming out, so I shouldn’t be hasty.

More importantly, I’ve actually been resisting a smartphone for the longest time because:

  1. I don’t want to be that accessible.
  2. I would really like to experience life outside of rectangular screens.
  3. And I don’t want to be that rude person who whips out her smartphone to check some unimportant email / tweet, while leaving her dinner companions feeling dejected.

We’ll see how long my resistance can last before I cave in. Vive la Résistance! 😀