My Macbook Adaptor Melted!

December 15, 2008 / Reviews, Technology / 33 Comments

UPDATE (Dec 19): Apple Tech Support have replaced it free of charge. Read this entry for details.

And the Apple dealers (since there is no Apple Store in Singapore) are making me pay 180$ for it because I don’t live in the US, where Apple users that face the same problem are given a free replacement.

This is how my magsafe currently looks like:

Magsafe Melted

Magsafe Melted 2

Sorry but I’m not going to pay S$ 180 (US$ 120) for a new magsafe. Here’s why:

  • This isn’t something I dropped, broke or misused. I’ve just been charging my laptop like everyone else. So I should not be held liable for proper use of a product.
  • This is a design flaw. It’s a common problem for Mac users. Just google “magsafe melt” and you’ll find 4,990 sites quoting the same problem. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that thousands of people worldwide have experienced melting adapters.
  • But most importantly, it’s a fire and a electrocution hazard. I’ve seen sparks flying out of this. It burned my fingers when I unknowingly touched it. Can you imagine what would happen if my pet or a younger sibling brushed against this? And what would happen if one of the sparks hit a combustible object while I was out? Companies have the responsibility of creating safe products for consumer use. And clearly, the magsafe isn’t as safe as it claims to be. If this happens to you, I advise you check out this web site for electrical tips.

I really hate to do bad PR for companies because I know how difficult it is just to clean one bad story up. But truth is, you don’t leave me with an alternative. There is absolutely no support past warranty in this country. And your dealers and authorized service centres either 1) ran out of magsafes, or 2) are charging ridiculous prices for a replacement.

It’s a shame because I was an avid Apple fan – despite having my hard drive overheat within the first 6 months of purchasing the Macbook. I was even thinking about buying the iPhone 3G and the new Macbook Pro next year.

But I guess I gotta think twice now, since I am being forced to pay for a product replacement that has the exactly the same potential to turn out just like my current magsafe.

Let’s simplify my argument even further: I pay for a Macbook just like my American counterparts, and yet I do not receive the same level of support and dedication. Never mind the magsafe, this is a problem in itself.