Notice: Transferring Domain to 1and1

October 11, 2008 / Reviews / 23 Comments

With Nanyate?! expiring in 50 days or so, I have started the renewal and transfer process to a different registrar. So do expect some downtime (about 5 days?). I will also be transferring my portfolio, IvyTan.Net shortly after.

In case you’re wondering why I’m taking the trouble to transfer my domains, it’s because I’ve come to love 1and1. 1and1‘s domain prices are extremely competitive, charging only 6.99$ for a .com/.net/.org. On top of that, they provide FREE private WHOIS registration, and accept PayPal. It’s so convenient! (As opposed to other companies that hook you in with 6.50$ domain registration per year, and then jack it up to 9.99$ a year later! Ya okay, I’m a cheapskate.)

I’ve also never registered a domain name under my host (and I recommend you do the same). No, not because I don’t like my host. (In fact, I love TopHostingCenter! And my other host WebHostingBuzz isn’t too bad either.) It’s because I would never put my domain name at someone else’s mercy. I’d like to take care of my DNS and MX Records myself. Besides, having control of my own domain means that I can move hosts immediately should my host ever provide unsatisfactory services. (That’s happened a few times, mind you.)

Anyway, I recommend 1and1 to anyone who’s looking for a great domain registrar, and TopHostingCenter to anyone who’s looking for a great host. The people too awesome, the services always upgraded, and convenience to their customers always a top priority.

When Nanyate?! comes back online, I will have a new category in store for you. Those who enjoy my culture write-ups will enjoy this, I’m sure.

See you round soon!