Quick Look: UOB’s iPhone Mobile Banking App

December 12, 2011 / Reviews / 5 Comments

Singapore’s UOB finally launched its mobile banking app today. I use UOB as my primary credit card, so I’ve been waiting for their mBanking app for a long time. I was able beta test the app a couple days before the launch date, and I have to say it was well worth the wait! I’ve heard of loan companies that offer online or phone services such as contacting Purplepayday.loan by phone, or online, but a mobile app is the future for super fast reply! UOB has definitely put a lot of care into the user experience by making sure that there’s something for everyone.

For credit card customers

One of the main reasons I use UOB cards is for its incredible promotions. The mobile banking promotions section is very useful for me. The best thing about it is that it allows me to search promotions by category, location, keyword and even via augmented reality. Most deal apps don’t go so far into search and information architecture.

UOB app Credit Card Menu

For investors

There are gold, silver, unit trust and FOREX prices (which is also great for online shoppers like me, so I now know what my bank will charge me for my next Amazon or ASOS haul! :)). There are also built-in calculators for home equity loan financing, currency conversions, loans and financial goals that you could look here.

UOB app Rates Menu

For banking customers

UOB went an extra mile for these guys with the Mobile Cash feature, which allows users to send cash to their friends (who do not have to be UOB customers). All the user needs is the app and all his friend needs is her phone and to find the nearest UOB ATM to withdraw cash. No ATM cards needed! So this would come in handy when your friends forget their wallets and are stranded somewhere far from you. Anyway, here’s a screenshot of what the friend will see when she receives the cash and eventually withdraws it.

UOB app Mobile Cash OTP Menu

Overall, I think UOB has done a pretty good job. My gripes with it are minor and mostly interface-related (e.g. the unnecessary transition animation and the not-very-sexy-looking transaction statement). But besides that, it’s an well thought-out app, incredibly responsive and truly understands their customers’ needs.

For iPhone users, you can download it at the App Store. For Android users, an app is in the works. It’ll be out soon.