About Nanyate.com

What does Nanyate mean?

Nanyate, pronounced as “nan-yah-tay” is Kansai-ben (a Japanese dialect) to express surprise – something akin to the English “What the hell?!”. The phrase was popularized by the anime, Yakitate!! Japan where a comical off-beat character, Kawachi Kyousuke uses it to express awe and outrage. No particular reason why I chose this name. I just like it; It’s catchy.

What is Nanyate’s Purpose?

It’s a testing ground for web design and development, an observation deck to understand the online social environment, and a humble place to share my experiences with friends and friends-to-be.

Past and Current Themes at Nanyate.com

All themes on nanyate.com are designed, illustrated and coded by me.

Current Theme: Diamond

Theme 9

This theme was originally designed in July 2012 but not released until a year later. It’s the first mobile responsive theme on nanyate.com. It is using Bootstrap as the base code, instead of 960 GS. The layout is much simpler, with many elements removed. The look and feel is designed to be much simple and highlight content. Aesthetically, it is inspired by Google Ventures’ site.

Online: 23 July, 2013 – Current

Theme #8: Flow

Theme 8

This theme is about serenity and minimalism. Nanyate’s logo has simplified in shape and more prominence is put on the logo font. This theme “Flow” is named after Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s book. Flow describes the state of mind I’m in when I devote myself to coding. This serene place where I can fully focus my psychic energy on one task. I hope this minimal theme will also help my readers focus on the content better.

Online: September 26, 2011 – 23 July, 2013

Theme #7: Nami

Theme 7

Nami, meaning wave in Japanese is inspired by the bossa nova – enka album, matsuribossa. The theme portrays a beautiful blend of the classic nostalgia of Japanese enka and the refreshing peacefulness of Brazilian bossa culture. On the technical side, it is the first theme to use a standardized grid system, a jQuery menu and WordPress’ built-in threaded comments.

Online: March 16, 2010 – September 26, 2011

Theme #6: Seigaiha

Theme 6

Seigaiha is the name for the Japanese crescent-shaped wave pattern. This theme is inspired by the seigaiha on Gardenia’s Royal White Bread, Mohd Huzairy‘s Extreme Georgia and The Netsetter. It is a very minimalist theme which prominently features the Nanyate logo.

Online: August 2, 2009 – March 16, 2010

Theme #5: Zen

Theme 5

Zen is a remix of Torii. The bamboos are brushes taken from Design Fruits’ Japanese Foliage set. These brushes were slightly reworked to fit my layout. The lantern was illustrated by me and has become a staple in the nanyate identity. This remains one of my favorite themes!

Online: February 12, 2009 – August 2, 2009

Theme #4: Torii

Theme 4

The illustrations are inspired by the anime Natsume Yuujinchou. The title Torii is the name Japanese give to the gates to their Shinto temples, and is the main attraction of my design. The layout is a compatible with all resolutions larger than 800×600, and most modern browsers.

Online: October 1, 2008 – February 11, 2009

Theme #3: Yukata

Theme 3

The background design is inspired by a yukata (summer kimono.) The layout also drew inspiration from 72Quadrat. The illustration and coding was completely designed by me. This is the first layout that’s compatible with the 800×600 resolution and works on all browsers except IE6.

Online: April 14, 2008 – September 30, 2008

Theme #2: Springley

Theme 2

Springley’s palette inspiration came from Pattern + Palette 2 The actual ‘spark’ of an inspiration was from the anime series ARIA the ANIMATION, where life on Mars is portrayed as paradise on Earth, where everyone is kind, everyplace is beautiful, and everything bad is… never reflected.

Online: February 17, 2008 – April 13, 2008

Theme #1: Pendant

Theme 1

This layout was inspired by a necklace my boyfriend got me for Christmas. I took a picture of the original necklace then airbrushed it to make it look more “cartoon-y”. The wooden background is part of a wallpaper by Zyklo.

Online: December 16, 2007 – February 16, 2008