The Wonders of Social Media

January 2, 2010 / Social Media / 7 Comments

Happy 2010 to you! Hope you all had a great time during New Years.

I know I did! It was probably one of the best new years ever – thanks to the wonders of social media.

It all started with a tweet a couple days back from Derrick, a guy I don’t know then, of which a mutual friend, Jerrick re-tweeted (for it to show up on my timeline). It read:

Hey, all you tweeples in Singapore. What do you think about having a NYE countdown party/event?

I’m usually not a spontaneous person, but that tweet just sparked something in me and I confidently replied, “Great idea!”

That snowballed into a Twivite with its own hashtag – and we each broadcasted to our list of Twitter followers.

Come new years eve, and we decided meet at Arab Street but didn’t really have an agenda planned out. We just went with the flow. The flow ended up bringing in 15 tweeple to Hackerspace (which deserves an entry of its own). And I had such an amazing, amazing time. Met new friends, old friends. Shared stories, ideas and YouTube videos. Sang, danced, ate, partied.

It was just an unforgettable night of great ideas, great conversation with great company.

Thanks to Hisham for the video!

And it all started with one tweet, from a guy I didn’t know.

This, my friends, is one of the wonders of social media.