Life Lessons Learned from Sports

August 26, 2008 / Culture, Opinion / 6 Comments

Today, I finally realized why sports is so important in life. As an elementary school sprinting champion, I am now able to run fast, fast enough to run after the bus that seems to always want to escape me. As a basketball point guard, where I was a dwarf amongst giants, I gained the skill to…

A Night in Photos

July 10, 2008 / Culture, Daily Life / 15 Comments

Two months ago, I posted an entry chronicling a day spent in Toronto with my boyfriend. See A Day in Photos. This time, I will chronicle a night spent in Singapore with my best friend, ID. 6.15PM: From Ritzy Restaurant to High-Class Hawker ID and I met up yesterday to conceptualize a new layout for…

Fat Fines: Japan’s New Law

July 8, 2008 / Culture, Opinion / 24 Comments

Japan has recently instituted a new law that fines employers that hire ‘obese’ employees or employees with ‘obese’ relatives. Men are required to have waistlines slimmer than 33.5 inches and women 35.4 inches. As I read that from the newspaper headlines last month, my first reaction was stunned silence. What happens to those who are…

Designer Bags: Stares and Status

July 6, 2008 / Culture, Opinion / 22 Comments

After experiencing life in Asia for the past month or so, I have come to conscious realization that Asians are infatuated with designer bags. It’s not a bad thing. However, with a little knowledge of designer labels, it has become quite obvious that most (not all) aren’t infatuated with the bag or the brand, but…

Goodbye Toronto

The fact that I’m leaving Toronto for good hadn’t quite sunk until today. May has finally arrived. By the end of this month, I will be returning to Singapore, after spending 4 years out of my 22-year life here. I came to Toronto to pursue a Bachelor’s after I graduated from high school in Asia….

How to Break Chopsticks Evenly

March 28, 2008 / Culture, Daily Life / 15 Comments

You go to an Asian restaurant. From the corner of your eye, you see the waiter bringing over that delicious food. You quickly pick up those wooden chopsticks and break them apart then….crap. It’s uneven. At least for me, I will be sulking for the rest of my meal. Not because I’m such a perfectionist….