Goodbye Nexus S, Hello HTC One X

June 1, 2012 / Reviews, Technology / 5 Comments

May has been a month of multiple misfortunes, one of which involves the death of my beloved Nexus S. (The other is more personal and hence harder to write about.) Anyway, the power button just stopped functioning one day. At first, I managed re-route the power function to the proximity sensor, and it was all…

Review: Nokia Lumia 800 – Windows Phone 7

April 10, 2012 / Technology / 8 Comments

[April 11 Update: Fixed a lot of typos. Now I know blogging on the iPad is not a good idea!] Nokia sent me the Nokia Lumia 800 about a month ago. And I have only one word to describe it: Wow. And that brings me to the end of review. Kthxbye. The Amazing Nokia Lumia…

Photographing My Aura

February 16, 2012 / Daily Life / 7 Comments

My friends have been intrigued by aura reading lately. One of them found a shop tucked away in a mystical part of Singapore that takes photos of people’s auras for just $5. My aura on Feb 4 (left). My auras on Feb 15 (center and right). I’ve had my aura photographed 3 times so far….

Shots from My First Prime Lens!

October 9, 2011 / Photography / 17 Comments

I recently saw some phenomenal shots from the Fujifilm X100 and it rekindled my passion for photography. Since the X100 is totally out of my budget, I decided to get a prime lens for my Pentax K-x instead. So say hello to Pentax DA 35mm F2.4 AL! Shooting with a prime lens is so much…

Chic DSLR Camera Bag

October 1, 2011 / Photography / 2 Comments

I’ve been searching for a cute, chic and affordable camera bag for my DSLR for a long time! Most DSLR bags are too manly, and the stylish ones are out of reach (in terms of cost or availability). But then I found the Herringbone Discovery Canvas Black today. It’s a Korean brand, if I’m not…

Nokia N9 Hands On: A Testament to Nokia’s Sisu

September 11, 2011 / Media Events, Technology / 17 Comments

I talked about sisu a while ago. It’s a Finnish brand of perseverance — the quiet determination that allowed them to withstand the brutality of cold and invasion for centuries. Despite Nokia’s decline in recent years, I’ve secretly been rooting for it, especially when I read Stephen Elop’s burning platform memo. I really wanted to…

What is Happiness to You?

August 20, 2011 / Daily Life, Philosophy / 5 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, one of my very close friends forced me to read Eric Weiner’s Geography of Bliss. I like exploring the realms of philosophy and psychology but I’ve never really taken an interest in happiness. I’ve always believed that happiness had to come naturally — that thinking about it won’t necessarily make…