Graduation Picture and Mini Hiatus

February 22, 2008 / Daily Life / 13 Comments

Here’s my graduation picture, as promised! I look quite strange. Apparently, the fuzzy white line represents the University of Toronto and the black stripe below represents that I will graduate with a Bachelors of Arts or Science. (Arts, in my case) I’ve been swamped with essay deadlines from now until 9th April. So, I will…

Happy Chinese New Year!

February 10, 2008 / Culture, Daily Life / 13 Comments

Technically, it’s not belated since it’s supposed to last 15 days. Last night, I went to the Singapore Malaysia Association of Ontario’s Chinese New Year dinner party. The whole restaurant was packed with ‘aunties’ and ‘uncles’ – that’s what younger Singaporeans/Malaysians call middle-aged women and men. The whole room was speaking in Singlish/Manglish or what’s…

Arduous Path to Graduation

February 2, 2008 / Daily Life / 8 Comments

I had an appointment with the photographer to take my graduation photo on the worse day possible; the one day when 30cm of snow was to fall. Even my winter boots couldn’t save me from the treacherous walk through Queen’s Park. I almost slipped twice. Thanks to my fast reflexes, my hands broke my fall…

Cleaned My Room; Cleaned State of Mind

January 23, 2008 / Daily Life / 14 Comments

My latest toilet companion, Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, told me that a person’s room can reflect part of their personality and mental health – like their anal retentiveness (woot! more toilet allusions!) and self-confidence. In light of that, I immediately went to clean my room, and called the house cleaning Brisbane company to help me….

Cooking Korean Food – Attempt 1

January 8, 2008 / Daily Life / 15 Comments

I made it my resolution (not New Year’s) to learn how to cook Korean food (my fave cuisine) before I leave Toronto in 6 months. Mainly, because I couldn’t find any good Korean food in Singapore (Actually, I found a great Korean supermarket in Singapore called Solmart.) So anyways I went to the supermarket P.A.T….

Return of the Cake Chronicles

December 23, 2007 / Daily Life / 9 Comments

This is my last night in Montreal before I hop on a bumpy ride on the Greyhound back to Toronto. My boyfriend and I went to Old Montreal to check out Place Jacques Cartier. It’s absolutely gorgeous at night but my camera was too old and too crappy to capture even a fraction of its…

My Decapitated Cake

December 20, 2007 / Daily Life / 5 Comments

This is my second day at Montreal. My boyfriend and I went to Rockaberry Resto-Bar to have dessert. So I ordered a Mille Feuille. It’s French for “A Thousand Leaves’. It’s made out of sugar icing, cookie dough, nuts and tons of cream! Doesn’t it look yummy? But…. it was waaay too sweet for my…