Protected: Betrayers of Buddhism

March 30, 2008 / Opinion / Enter your password to view comments.

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Obligation: Human vs. Citizen

March 11, 2008 / Daily Life, Opinion / 28 Comments

The other I was walking down my street with my boyfriend. It was snowing. The whole street was peacefully silent – almost as if the snowflakes were absorbing the noise. But then a man started shouting desperately “PAY THE RENT! PAY THE RENT!” I ignored it at first. Then my boyfriend and I saw two…

Smallest Political Quiz EVER!

February 27, 2008 / Culture, Internet Memes / 12 Comments

While doing research for one of my papers, I came across a quiz that ranks one’s political orientation on 2 spectra: Liberal vs Conservative, and Libertarian vs Statist. It is apparently revered by many journals and newspapers as quite accurate. I think liberal and conservative need no explanation. 😉 As for the other scale, a…

Go, Go Clinton #2!

February 24, 2008 / Culture, Internet Memes, Opinion / 14 Comments

Tina Fey of Saturday Night Live explains why America should vote for Billary Clinton… I mean Hilary Clinton. Because bitch is the new black! Puhahaha! This is absolute hilarious. Unfortunately, the fact that Hilary is perceived as a bitch is inevitable. According to the New York Times, women (who want to be) in power are…

Agitated: Mindset of an Adult Third Culture Kid

January 28, 2008 / Culture, Opinion / 9 Comments

Disclaimer: This entry is going to be emotional, political and rebellious teenager-esque. If you don’t like these sort of entries please visit the political one below or the pictorial one below that. 🙂 These past few days personality has become more abrasive since it happened. I was reading an article for my course, which cited…

Go, Go Clinton!

January 27, 2008 / Culture, Opinion / 7 Comments

Disclaimer: This post is ever-so-slightly political in nature. Leave a flame for my support for Clinton or any other commenters’ support for other candidates and your IP is immediately banned. If you do not have the intellectual maturity and capacity to handle a proper conversation on politics, please join the new online hangout for 70%…