Photos of the Temples of Cambodia

July 31, 2010 / Photography / 18 Comments

I went to Cambodia a couple weeks ago. It’s my first vacation in over a year. Honestly, I don’t fancy vacations; there’s just something infuriating about not having enough time to fully immerse oneself in a foreign culture. Nevertheless, I got to take some breathtaking shots of the Cambodian temples with my brand new dSLR,…

Fear, Spirits, Religion and Reason

April 20, 2008 / Culture, Opinion / 15 Comments

Disclaimer: This post is heavily religious and philosophical. If this is not your cup of tea, don’t drink it. If this is your cup of tea, please drink till the very end. If you are out to preach or contend, don’t bother. I’m a staunch agnostic theist. These are simply my beliefs . Note that…

Protected: Betrayers of Buddhism

March 30, 2008 / Opinion / Enter your password to view comments.

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