Taking Screenshots on the Android-powered Nexus S

March 6, 2011 / Technology / 5 Comments

[April 13, 2012 Update] – For Nexus S users on Ice Cream Sandwich, just press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously to get a screenshot. For those of you still on Gingerbread, read on. Cheers.

My geekiness has just reached a whole new level; I learned how to take screenshots on my Android-powered Nexus S!

Now before you roll your eyes and call me a tech idiot, let me explain. Screenshotting on an Android device is not an easy feat for the average consumer — unlike the iPhone. You need to download the Android software development kit, fiddle with your computer’s and phone’s settings to get it to work. It’s even more challenging on Windows XP, since there are additional tools and drivers.

Anyway, all this hard work is for my upcoming entry on my favorite Android apps, which you can expect early next week.

This entry is just for me to bask in my new-found level of geekdom. To celebrate, you are now forced entitled to check out screenshots of my homescreens below. 😀

For those who want to rival my geekiness, here are the sites I referred to:

Happy geeking out!

Locked Screen on Android Nexus S
Main Homescreen on Android Nexus S
Left Homescreen on Android Nexus S
Right Homescreen on Android Nexus S

Before you design lovers ask, my wallpaper is an illustration from Japanese fashion designer, Tsumori Chisato.