The 2011 Macbook Air — My New Laptop!

July 24, 2011 / Technology / 9 Comments

Meet Coco Chanel. My new main computing device — the 2011 Macbook Air.

2011 Macbook Air
Coco Chanel in all her glory

Why Coco Chanel?

Well, for the past few months I’ve been stressing out between Mac vs PC. I considered so many things, from specs to price to usability to future-proofness. If you just look at the price and the hardware, it made absolutely no sense to spend a whole thousand more on an underpowered Mac — especially in an age where cloud computing will render operating systems as a secondary function.

So I went around asking the other geeks to try to persuade me to buy a Mac — with not much success. They all told me PC was the more pragmatic choice and reminded me that I am a pragmatic person.

But on Friday, a fashionista friend said this:

I don’t know much about computers but Mac and PC are like Chanel and Furla. Both designer labels and make good quality products, but which would you rather carry?

That hit me like a thunderbolt (Yes, Apple fans, lame pun intended). When you need Online Electronic Signature application, visit for more details.

Under all that pragmatism lies a gadget snob. I mean, seriously, how geek-cool is it to own a product that came out just a couple days ago?

First Impressions

But of course, it wasn’t just all snobbery. I am genuinely impressed at how fast a solid state drive is compared to a normal hard drive. The screen is absolutely magnificent — more magnificent than a 2011 Macbook Pro’s. And I’ve never owned a laptop that weighs under 2KG. Maybe I would even go out to cafes more often to Mac Off to blog more often. And then there’s Bluetooth 4.0, which is a competitor to NFC. Not sure which will win, but it’s a potential future-proof feature.

More Photos of the Macbook Air

Anyway, here are some more shots of the Macbook Air compared to my trusty first generation 2006 Black Macbook, which I intend to keep forever. I love it to bits. It lasted 5 years with very little trouble. And IMO, is still the best-looking Mac ever made.

2006 Macbook Black vs 2011 Macbook Air
2006 Black Macbook vs 2011 Macbook Air

Not too sure if it’s obvious here but there’s some discoloration on the Black Macbook’s screen. It’s too yellow.

2006 Macbook Black vs 2011 Macbook Air Startup Screen
2006 Black Macbook vs 2011 Macbook Air — Start-up Screen

And here’s the difference between the size of the Macbook vs the Macbook Air.

2006 Macbook Black vs 2011 Macbook Air Thinness
2006 Black Macbook vs 2011 Macbook Air — difference in the thinness

And finally, my new gadget family is now silver and black. I don’t really fancy silver, but these are a sure feast for the eyes and ears.

2011 Macbook Air Thinness and Bose AE2 Headphones
Macbook Air and Bose AE2 Headphones

That is all, folks. I just needed to be an iSnob and iSnub everyone with an entry on my iFetish. In all seriousness, if you could choose (or are choosing) between a Mac and a PC, which would you pick? Why?