Nanyate 2010 Re-design: Nami finally gets a new theme for 2010! It’s called 波 nami – Japanese for wave. Not much inspiration here; I simply grew tired of looking at serif fonts on white background. Every blog seems to be going to the minimalist, serif route, so I decided to bring back some color and some sans-serif into the interwebs.

For those who are interested, here are some technical improvements:

  • New font: The font used for Nami‘s logo is “Vegur Light”.
  • 960 grid: Before Nami, I’ve always designed according to a self-made Photoshop grid, which was more flexible. But I wanted to give standardized grid a chance. And I’m glad I did since saved me so much time.
  • Gravatar: My commenters have been faceless for so long. So um, hello faces!
  • jQuery overload: I’ve never liked putting unnecessary scripts on my blog. However, I just couldn’t envision this theme without an animated menu, so I caved in. 😛
  • Threaded comments: I’ve finally updated to the WordPress default comment function. Styling it was quite a pain though.

Like all my theme releases, Nami is currently in beta mode. [edit] It’s been tested on all major browsers and is validated. This theme doesn’t support IE6.[/edit] I’ll also be re-writing the about page some time soon. It’s almost 3am. I’ve been coding for 6 hours. Time to get some shuteye.

Your feedback is appreciated.

Please do let me know if you find any bugs! 🙂 But spare me IE 6 errors. Me and IE 6 don’t get along.

IE is being mean to me

Just thought it’s an appropriate time to share this video.