New Theme: Seigaiha

Friends, readers and lurkers, I now present to you my new theme: Seigaiha or 青海波. Seigaiha is an ancient Japanese wave design created with semi-circles.

How Seigaiha was born

It’s probably the most difficult theme I have ever designed. Finding the motif was the easy part. I discovered seigaiha months ago while I was at the supermarket. The packaging for this Japanese-inspired bread was so unmistakably nanyate-esque, I knew I had to make a theme out of it.

Royal White Bread

But because of the change in my design philosophy, I had a very hard time conceptualizing it into a theme. I wanted my theme to be unique yet functional, but didn’t know how to merge them…

…until one day, the idea bulb finally switched on. The answer was typography; typography is the key to marrying design to function. It can improve readability, yet it is an art in itself.

Unfortunately, I am no David Airey. To be honest, I don’t know anything about typography. All these years I just stuck to basic sans serif fonts because everyone else uses it. So I scoured the ‘net for weeks to see what the experts used. Then, I stumbled upon Mohd Huzairy‘s Extreme Georgia.

Who knew that Georgia could actually be so beautiful? I was always under the impression that serif fonts were all old and dingy like Times New Roman. But Georgia’s sophisticated, rustic feel was the perfect companion to seigaiha’s ancient Japanese roots.

But something was still lacking; the design just lacked a certain va-va-voom. Then I came across The Netsetter. The concept of its design was simple: big, humongous type that improved readability.

So with seigaiha as the motif, Georgia as the type and The Netsetter’s gigantic font size, Theme Seigaiha was born.

Still in Beta Mode

With that said, it’s still in beta mode. Here are some outstanding issues:

  • Not tested on IE yet
  • Not validated yet
  • Lifestream not customized yet. For now I’m using WP Lifestream as a stand-in.

So, what do you think of the new theme? And it’ll be great to let me know if you spot any errors (aside from the ones I’m fixing). Thanks!