New Theme (Still in Beta)

Welcome to Nanyate Edition: Bling. Nanyate’s first official theme. Seeing that I’m usually too busy to update, this theme may last for a while. The illustration is based on a real necklace that my boyfriend got me only because I had puppy eyes and was pawing at it at the store. (No, I don’t make a habit out of this; in fact, I felt really bad.)

There are still a few bugs with the footer and side bar. The content needs a little work too. But I’m too tired now from illustrating and coding, both of which I lack talent and skills for. I’ve been at it for 10 hours straight. Please let me know of any bugs or things that you don’t like, so I can exterminate them together. It’ll be a great help!

For now, I need my beauty sleep. I’m gonna meet my boyfriend for lunch at Korean Town later today. Ah , I want my bulgogi, kimchi, lee hyori and dak kalbi.

PS: Check out Nanyate radio when you’re free. I highly recommend both Bartender songs. They’re so soothing. Both the soundtrack and the anime are amazing. I’ll write a proper review soon. And I’m sorry for the lackluster sound quality. I downgraded the quality to discourage download. I upload all my songs for promotional purposes only.