New Theme: Yukata Summer (Beta)

Nanyate?! has a new theme! This layout is titled “Yukata 浴衣 Summer”. For those who are unfamiliar with Japanese culture, yukata is the summer version of a kimono 着物. The flower in the background is inspired from a yukata featured in last year’s issue of JJ Magazine. Yes, I drew it. And yes, it took forever. I haven’t actually illustrated anything complicated for a while, so I was quite antsy when I drew the flower.

The layout is currently in beta mode. The background is incomplete. I wanted to add a couple more embellishments but I haven’t received my brushes from Seishido as of yet. And of course, there are bugs to kill and the layout doesn’t work on IE 6 at all. Most bugs will be fixed by tomorrow. IE6 compatibility will have to wait. Busting out my old Sony Vaio to re-code half the site is just…argh.

I’ve been at this for 2 days. 1 day for drawing the background. 1 day for designing + coding. I haven’t slept for 20 hours. So, pardon this rough post and rough layout.

I’m exhausted. Off to bed.

UPDATE!:I received my brushes! Here’s the new background! Most bugs for the Mac Firefox, Safari and Opera are squashed. I’d expect that their Windows would react the same way. Now all that’s left is that nasty IE6, which I don’t have access to – not even from my old Sony VAIO! IE NetEenderer isn’t powerful enough for me to refresh every 5 seconds, so coding for IE will have to wait until I go to my school’s library.

Sorry, IE6 users. On the other hand… you really shouldn’t be using IE6. Microsoft is already developing IE8 and even had a beta release! I can’t imagine what kinda security flaws you IE6 users have to deal with. 😯 The browser’s free for goodness’ sakes; all it takes to upgrade is some free time. Think about it this way: just 10 minutes less of porn, infinite increase in security. Time for a upgrade, people.