WordPress Updated; Beta No More

WordPress Upgrade: I always dread seeing that yellow bar on my WordPress Dashboard incessantly reminding me to update my blogging client. It means I have to deactivate 10 plugins, go to PHPmyAdmin backup my tables and manually upgrade folder by folder. Then I gotta reactivate all my plugins, and check to make sure everything is functioning.

But today I stumbled upon an awesome plugin that does all that for me. It’s called WordPress Automatic Upgrade. I had a choice to let it upgrade automatically or guide it through the process. (Perhaps it’s the plugin that’s guiding me?). I chose the latter, and I all had to do was click next and download backups. It was the quickest upgrade ever.

CSS Upgrade: I’m proud to announce that Nanyate?! is no longer in beta. Although there aren’t any visual changes, (with the exception of the footer) the CSS has been majorly updated. All the unnecessary absolute/relative positioning has been eradicated. I’m using a Mac, so I’m not sure if this major CSS overhaul has affected Internet Explorer. I will check the next time I’m at school.

New Content: There are few new songs on the Nanyate?! radio player. I also added a second radio player at the new My Voice page. There are just clips of me singing. I’m not a good singer but I’m not going to rape your ears either. Really. So if you ever feel like listening to average music, give it a try.

Google PageRank of 0: It’s sad but Nanyate?!‘s main page still has a PageRank of 0, while the About Ivy page has a PageRank of 2. I thought I knew how Google ranked pages, but I’m not so sure anymore.

Thank You, CSS Galleries: Nanyate?! has seen a surge in hits thanks to many of the CSS Galleries that have featured me. So thanks a lot, Daily Slurp, Most Inspired, Screenalicio.us and Sharebrain.

Link Exchanges: As always, new link exchanges with blogs are welcomed.